Faesthetic Doomsday Edition

Faesthetic Magazine!

I was fortunate enough to be a part of this issue :)

Should be up for sale by/around December 10th over at
Check it out!

Cover art by Tim Biskup!

(Featuring in order of appearance):
Derek Ballard, Travis Millard, Monk One, Alice Rutherford,
Dan Sheffield, Bob Dolemite, Jens Anderson, Andy Gonsalves,
Josh Robin Kaplan, Darman Adhitia, Mario Hugo, Colleen Rochette,
Lydia Bradbury, Allister Lee, Kenneth Lavallee, Christopher Cox,
Abe Twist, Ryan Burghard, Rinee Shah, Nigel Dennis,
Igor Bastisdas, Enkeling, Ruben Rude, Andy Smith,
Jon Burgerman, John Slade, Gerand Sylvain, Aaron Paula,
Budi Satria Kwan, Robert Botsford, Susan Maddux, Rubens Lp,
Nate Van Dyke, Pedro Lourenco, Oliver De Carvalho, Julia Heglund,
Josh Clancy, Cody Hoyt, John Malloy, Guillaume Wolf,
Steak Mountain, Benjamin Kehoe, Gluekit, Sauerkids, Tribble & Mancenido,
Robin Footitt, Karl Kwansky, Jan Wilem, Cupco!,
JK5, Chad Lassin, Darin Bendall, Henrique Holder,
Collin Matthes, Aled Lewis, Jan Avendano, Chris Thornley,
MAD, Miguel Arias,, Mega Hell,
Craig Atkinson, Walrusface, RE:UP, Own Phillips,
Caitlin Keegan, Suzanne Coady, Scott Meyers, Maud Larsson,
Neuarmy, Anthony Burrill, SKWAK, P Williams,
Sam Friedman, Momorobo, Shawn Creeden, Lorin Brown,
Sven Palmowski, Robert Hardgrave & Prate Computer Channel.

Issue #7 is 160 pages, and is our first issue to use 2 colours.
The theme is "DOOMSDAY".
The art is mind blowing and it is completely ad free.

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